Truth Movement takes over Chris Matthews at DNC

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Truth Movement takes over Chris Matthews at DNC

Mensaje  _*SqUaRk*_ el Sáb Ago 30, 2008 1:06 am

Descripción: With Alex Jones on the bullhorn and a sea of people all screaming in unison the truth about what is happening to our nation, Chris Matthews tries to maintain the mind-programming of viewers watching at home, but conducts himself in a sweaty nervous wreck, as the camera man tries desperately to avoid the 9/11 Truth signs.

The mainstream media needs to know that they can’t continue their dis info across the “what to think network” anymore everyday more and more people are see the false left right paradime.

Thank you Alex Jones, and “WE Are Change” for once again getting the word out on MSNBC.

***If you pause it @ :53sec you can see Alex Jones on his bullhorn HA! HA HA!!***

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