What makes the light: Final Edition

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What makes the light: Final Edition

Mensaje  _*SqUaRk*_ el Vie Oct 31, 2008 3:00 pm

A peticion de: Peter Petrelli.

Descripción: What makes the light: Final edition( 1:50 hr, WMV, 415Mb ) What makes the light: Final Edition takes a look at the Illuminati's favorite story, the story of their dark messiah. Their Chosen One. By analyzing and connecting seemingly unconnected movies (The man who would be king, star Wars, Stargate, The Matrix, and Harry Potter, and The Road To El Dorado ), this documentary reveals a story told over and over again in Hollywood. Also contains clips from "A Scanner Darkly", John Carpenter's "They Live" and his other insider's piece "Prince of Darkness." KEYWORDS= 911 9 11 star wars september eleventh alex jones david icke 2001 conspiracy new world order illuminati nwo nau rfid mark beast cia fbi nsa mason masons freemason occult satan satanism magic war iraq bin laden lucas jesus darth vadar yoda revelation book bible daniel anti christ antichrist dajjal evil devil worship secret society bohemian grove karl rove iran ron paul oil crisis dollar false flag cheney harry potter bush george islam opec rense red ice creations economy israel washington freedom fascism loose change terrorstorm endgame reptilian reptile draco orion roswell dulce ufo alien fallen angels campaign liberty constitution bill rights amero internet2 united states eu euro martial law gmo monsanto nuclear truth rising david rockefeller china russia show free marijuana weed terror terrorism religion magick subliminal programming stargate mind control crop circles child abuse Psychic Ability Channelling Remote Viewing 2012 Mayan Calendar astrology Mysticism Tarot Numerology shapeshifter astral genetic manipulation jesuit vatican catholic church Leo Zagami annunaki wtc william bill cooper mars atlantis egypt science mothman mothmen prophecy prophecies area 51 enoch quran kuran underground matrix base bases denver airport grey abducted abduction flying sauser impeachment obama mccain christian left right wing Censor Censorship bill clinton hillary theory newage new age enlightenment lucifer iron mountain moon fluoride federal reserve trilateral comission bilderberg cfr freeman perspective tsarion michael Aleister Crowley eye all seeing pyramid 666 horus symbol symbolism man would king symbology.

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Titulo: What makes the light: Final Edition
Duración: 1 h. 49 min. 47 seg.
Idioma: Ingles


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